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Scaphandre is involved in all types of shooting: cinema, commercials, documentaries and

in all types of environments: underwater pool studios and natural environments, in France and abroad.

In addition to human resources, Scaphandre provides specialized equipment, as well as nautical means and underwater pool studios.

Scaphandre services are adapted to provide the complete package (team, equipment, set design) or the simple provision of an underwater camera operator.

Availability for different types of camera ;

(Arri Alexa, Red, phantom, Sony FS7, ect..)

Dry SDI output allowing monitoring from underwater to the surface.

All types of PL and EF mont Lens feet in our housing.

With a full control from the surface.

Scaphandre team is composed of an UW director of photography, UW camera assistant operator, UW gaffer, safety divers, all specialized in Underwater filming

Underwater communication systems

allowing communication between the surface to the underwater operator and actors

Underwater studios specially develop to meet the requirement of an UW shoot.

Scaphandre has his boat license for

"inland waters and sea" and can provide a boat for your projects in natural environment around the world.

Scaphandre can provide submarine

stuntmen and proposes also diving courses

for your actors

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